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Remote MD helps device clinics and practices


Head Count Neutral: no addtional staffing needed

RemoteMD can:

  • Streamline workflow
  • Optimize billing
  • Relieve staff workload
  • Triage Alerts
  • Send customized reports
  • Provide trained staff to meet your needs


No new equipment: no hardware or software purchase requirements

Choose from a menu of options for relief:

  • Alert Monitoring
  • Routine Checks Only
  • Implantable Cardiac Monitors
  • Heart Failure Monitoring
  • Long Term Monitoring Relief
  • Short Term Monitoring Relief


Vendor Agnostic: does not align or limit you to specific device vendors

We provide actionable reports with the information you need to manage your patients

  • Maximize Physician RVUs
  • Integrate into your EMR
  • Secure Electronic Formats

"Remote Monitoring represents the new standard of care for patients with CIEDs, with alert driven IPE replacing most routine interrogations."

-The 2015 HRS Consensus Statement on Remote Interrogation and Monitoring for Cardiovascuar Implantable Electronic Devices
Slotwiner et al

Remote Monitoring: The New Standard of Care for Cardiac Devices

Volume Challenges

  • With increasing clinic size, it is virtually impossible to see all patients in the office.
  • Clinic schedules are often consumed with routine follow-ups that could be done remotely.

Staffing Challenges

  • Find and employ CIED trained, experienced and CCDS certified staff.
  • The tasks of remote monitoring have traditionally been integrated into a clinician’s already full clinic schedule.
  • Inability to dedicate a staff member exclusively to remote monitoring to maintain the efficiency and quality of remote monitoring.
  • Additional resources are required to coordinate a remote monitoring program that can put additional strain on office and/or administrative resources.

Workflow Challenges

  • Remote monitoring is often avoided because it is felt that with the addition of remote monitoring, it will completely overburden staff.
  • Remote monitoring can be a source of data overload that can create more work to sort through it all.
  • Triage of remote alerts can be time consuming and an unpredictable workload on a daily basis.

RemoteMD: The Flexible Insource Solution for your needs.

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